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Quaz is a Latin Grammy Award  Winning Engineer with Mana's 2015 Best Latin Pop Rock Album "Cama Incendiada.” He has worked for artist and producers such as Drake, J Cole, Future, Oneill, Jumbo, Mau & Ricky, Abraham Mateo, Ricardo Montaner, Camilo, Juanes, Shakira, Tim Mitchell, George Noriega, Pedro Capo, J. Balvin, Trey Songz, Raquel Sofia, and Ednita Nazario. He is passionately involved in the local scene, engineering and producing for bands like Sunghosts, Deaf Poets, Viceroy, Crocodile Deathspin and many more. He's also toured internationally for Roberto Carlos and Julio Iglesias. Currently, he is the Studio Manager/Chief Engineer at 5020. You can find him supporting live music and constantly pushing the boundaries of mathematics and science to devise new and creative ways of capturing the musical magic that brings us all together. 



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